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How to Avoid Blow-Outs: Batten the Hatches, There’s a Poonami in the Forecast!

Remember the Trapper Keeper? You used it when you had an abundance of papers, to keep them from flying every which way. This post is about the product I refer to as the ‘Pooper Keeper’. Same concept, different medium. Really, they could even use the same tagline. (See photo.)

Those of you who have been following along are aware of my younger son’s tendency to…’spread the wealth’, let’s say, as often as two or three times a day. I mean, this kid ‘distributes’ poop the way Gallagher ‘distributes’ watermelons.

The kid is an artist. Think Jackson Pollock on a clothing canvas. And thorough, too. When he’s done, he usually manages to hit every body part from neck roll to baby cankle, filling every crevice and pocket along the way. And by the time we’ve stripped him down, we generally manage to add head, hair and toenails to the list. Holy crap-cakes, Batman! KABOOM! PLOP! BIFF!


So I went on some parenting boards and asked around. Somebody must have found a solution that doesn’t involve more daily wardrobe changes than a Kardashian on a cruise ship. And, yay internet, I found an answer. Three parents gave me the same advice: put a diaper cover (you know, the ones used over cloth diapers) over his disposable diaper. (Yes, I’m sure I could just use cloth diapers, but no.)

I was skeptical, and I wasn’t looking to buy more ‘stuff and things’, as the toddler would say. Yup, between the two boys, we’re already all full up. But after a couple more epic blow-outs, I went on and bought this for $12.75:


This brand was recommended by two of the three parents: Thirsties Duo Snap Wrap. There are only two sizes, Size 1 (6-18 lbs) and Size 2 (18-40 lbs), so at least, if I have to buy another baby product, they will last a while. Of course, we had to buy Size 2. JC is almost 25 pounds, the size of your average 20 month old. Did I tell you he’s only 6 months old? Yeah. I know. I’ve mentioned it in other posts; he’s super-sized (Stay Puft, Baby!). But that’s what great about this product – it fits Mega-baby!

We’re on day 5 as I write this post. At his last change, I fastened seventeen closures: 2 diaper tabs, 4 Thirsties snaps, 3 bodysuit snaps, and since he was wearing a one-piece outfit, 8 pants snaps. And a partridge in a pear tree.

And that’s still better than an impromptu shower and change of clothes for both of us. As a matter of fact, it’s working so well that I haven’t even had to change baby’s clothes all week. Not that I would ever leave the kid in the same clothes for more than 24 hours…72 at most… Though if you think about it, average in all the clothing changes from prior blowouts, I’d still be well over 1 outfit/day…hmmmmm.

So, things are going great with our new ‘Pooper Keeper’. And though we’re due for 2 feet of snow outside this weekend, we’re looking at a dry forecast on the changing table for the foreseeable future.

Author’s Note: As with all of my recommendations, no one has asked me to endorse this product. The company that makes it has never heard of me, and I’m not particularly sure they’d be fond of my review anyhow. I just want to pass along a great tip to other parents having a craptastic time with diapering, as it was passed on to me.


Do you have any diapering tricks to share? Please comment below.


The Flying Falcon

No idea who this chick is. From the ad. But she sure looks happy toting that thing around...

No idea who this chick is. From the ad. But she sure looks happy toting that thing around…

The Flying Falcon is flippin’ awesome. Don’t try to use it in place of a baby wrap or carrier. That’s not the point; I really wouldn’t attempt to use this device for baby-wearing. However, if you have a heavy baby (I do) and your garage is in the basement (it is) and you regularly have to carry the car seat up stairs or through a parking lot or into people’s houses, this thing ROCKS!

Also great for:
– Simultaneously carrying baby and holding a toddler’s hand for short distances
– Preventing bruises on your arm, and hence strange stares from people who then see your bare arms
– Carrying coffee and baby at the same time without exposing one to the other
– Carrying baby while hitching up jeans that are (finally!) starting too be big for your post maternity figure
– Scaring the crap out of people when you quickly let go of the seat, hold out your arms and say, “Look ma! No hands!” (<—don’t do this…too often)
– According to the image, talking on the phone, which if you’re asking me, any REAL parent would have mastered without this device. The marketing team on this thing could have done better. How about a picture of a mom wearing this thing and holding the hand of a toddler with one hand, a hot coffee with the other, talking on a bluetooth headset while climbing the stairs.

I love mine, and no, I don’t work for or know anyone at Flying Falcon.


Do you know any great products that more moms should know about?

Like Nails On A…

imageToday I got my Mommy Necklace in the mail. I want to share this because until 3 days ago, I wasn’t aware of their existence, and they are a great solution to a…delicate…problem. So, say you have a baby. And let’s say you are that baby’s food source. And just to make it interesting, let’s say that the baby has a pincer grip of death, lethal finger nails that you can never seem to cut short enough or file blunt enough, and a scream of frustration that can pierce an eardrum at 500 feet. Suppose that baby likes to use the first two while eating, and he likes to use them on the aforementioned food source. And when thwarted, he likes to use the banshee shriek of doom to lower your resistance. Ouch, right? In so many ways. And I have the cuts, bruises, and deafness in one ear to prove it.

This is where the Mommy Necklace comes in. Hopefully little mister Pinchy McScratchums will latch his adorably pudgy but talon-tipped digits on the necklace while he latches elsewhere with Hoover-strength lips a-pucker.

We are one feeding in, and so far the necklace, especially the round donut piece, has worked like (ha ha) a charm. In the picture, we are stress-testing the purported strength of the string when pulled by Bam Bam-like force. No problem. I found this one here, but there are lots of places to buy them if you don’t like this one:

I’d like to thank the moms of for turning me on to this great product and saving my sanity. And my boobs.


Have you gotten any great advice from other moms about useful products or gadgets?