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We pass this at least 4 times a week, going to and from preschool.

My 3 year old’s favorite new word is “Pumpkin-bum!”


My husband wants to make one and point it towards our favorite neighbors.

My family brings me such pride. Happy Halloween, folks.


15 Totally Useless Products That I Would Buy Just to Aggravate People

Feeling passive-aggressive about someone who has a birthday coming up? Looking to surprise someone not-so-special in your life? Forced into a gift exchange by peer pressure? How about something to throw into the Yankee Swap that will likely show up again next year…and the next year…and the year after that…

Have no fear, here are some truly pointless products that you can give to show someone just how little you care. Watch their faces as they open them and try to find someway to thank you that doesn’t sound totally ungrateful.

1. Thumb Wrestling Ring

Description from

Pro Thumb Wrestling is a full-size, officially sanctioned professional thumb wrestling ring. All contenders must insert their thumbs through the opposite corner holes and come out wrestling.

-Ring will determine the true thumb wrestling champion
-Colors may vary
-Neat colors
-Simple rules

2. Weenie Roaster

Description from

The clever, stainless steel, anatomically correct, man-shaped, stick figure roasting tool that helps keep your hot dog up and off the grill. In addition to his powerful phallic metallic kabob, his arms can also be used to roast peppers, mushrooms, etc. and his base can be custom cut to hold a name, favorite team name or even a custom design. If you do decide to have your base custom cut to say something clever of your choice, be sure to enter that information in the “Customize Yourself” section below.

3. Measuring Toilet Paper

Description from

– One roll of measuring tape themed toilet paper
– Measure body parts, bodily functions or size-up the window for new curtains
– Measure at your leisure
– If looking for something else to do while on the pot, then the Measuring Toilet Roll is certainly an essential
– Flushable? Obviously

4. Turtle Shell Carrier Cover

Description from

Completely unique & original – Adorable Turtle Shell attachment that adds LOTS of pocket space to your baby carrier. Beautifully crafted & durably made. Sewn on Straps fit perfectly onto your baby bjorn (for other carrier types please convo me) And once it’s on, you don’t have to take it off every time you put your child in it, yet very easy to remove when you want to. Zipper on top opens a lofty “backpack” pocket that you can store all of your baby needs – and a few of your own. A large front pocket is also available, convo me if you’d like this feature. Back & straps are made of a light canvas. The shell is constructed of felt appliqued onto fleece. Colors will vary.

5. iSaw USB Chainsaw

Description from

Never before has a chainsaw been made available in such a compact and mobile form. Measuring no larger than the size of a regular computer keyboard, every effort has been made to ensure that proper grip – and safety – is not compromised.

6. Titanium Straw

Description from

Stop what you are doing and share a thought with us: think of all the times you use plastic straws. But more importantly think of all the straws that bend and break in their packaging, or refuse to puncture your juice box. The time has come, friends, to rebel against the plastic straw. The time has come to raise your hand high and hold aloft the straw made of such a powerful material that it was named after the Titans of Greek Mythology. Juice boxes will shudder and beverages everywhere will quake in fear when they see your new Titanium Straw.

7. Slicer Fork

Description from

– Slice and Eat Pizza with One Utensil!
– Easy!
– Cuts swiftly through crust & toppings
– Amazing!
– Guests, Friends, and Family will Love It!
– Versatile!
– Dishwasher Safe

8. Sexy Vampire Reusable Menstrual Pad

Description from

An extra long version of the Goddess pad, measuring at a whopping 16 inches long it’s surely to be the only pad you’ll need for your heaviest overnight flows or after childbirth.

The inner core consists of two layers of flannel sandwiching two layers of terry cloth and backed with the softest matching black fleece. There have matching black poly resin snaps with two snap settings for a more personal adjustment.

9. Shit Gold Pills

Description from

Analogous to our culture’s obsession with luxury and consumption, these 24K gold leaf capsules turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth. Consume and digest.

10. FUNdies

Description from

The underwear built for two.

11. Foggy Mirror Wiper

Description from

– Mirror includes manual windshield wiper
– Clears fog and moisture quickly
– A unique home decor item – creative and functional!

12. Nintendo Guitar

Description from

Each guitar is crafted by hand so no two are alike. Intonation is set and everything comes tested.

13. The Ham-Dogger

Description from

Clever tool to make “hot dog” shaped hamburgers – Now you can please both the hot dog and hamburger lover Also perfect for making gourmet stuffed hamburgers (hot dog shaped) Ideal for ground beef, ground turkey or veggies Makes 1/4 lb of meat into a hot dog (6″L X 1-3/8″Dia) Three piece design Constructed of polycarbonate plastic Hot dog bun shaped base Two-piece clear cylinder shaped meat mold Measures approx 6″L X 2″Dia (overall) Dishwasher safe Instructions, stuffing and topping ideas printed on back of package

14. Hand-erpants

Description from

– Stylish for any occasion
– Fits most adult hands
– Hundreds of uses
– Wonderful gift

sweaty shirt

15. Sweaty Shirt

Description from

It’s the Sweaty Shirt! The perfect gift for that lazy person. The shirt that already has sweat on it. There’s sweat under the arms, around the neck and mid back. You provide the odor.

Get your own seat on the airplane! Fake out your spouse! Act like you’ve done all your chores while sitting on the couch! The opportunities are endless…


Tell me about the worst gift you’ve ever given and/or received in the comments…

Bundle This

This is simple and brilliant and falls in the category of “duh, why didn’t I think of that” as well as under the heading of ” how to not spend $25-$45 on something that could have just cost you about $6.”

imageJC (5 months) had a J.J. Cole Bundle Me in his carseat (if you aren’t a parent, or live in a warm climate, think sherpa sleeping bag for a carseat). Since he is a supersized baby (100th percentile in weight, 98th in height, about the size of your average 12-18 month old) I could no longer squeeze his adorable chubby arms through the straps with this thing installed. Why not use a blanket, you ask? He kicks them off or pushes it down with his hands. A jacket? There’s the whole compression safety issue, not to mention the PITA of taking it off and putting it on with every location change, which can be frequent when traveling with two kids. I got this solution from a member of my local MOMs Club who got it from the Boston Babywearers.

Step 1: Go to fabric store and buy a yard of fleece. ($6-7)
Step 2: Fold in half. Cut a 6-inch hole in fleece.
Step 3: Insert baby’s head in fleece.
Step 4: Take pictures of cozy happy baby and send to friends and relatives. Send me a copy of photo or post here.

Additional tips:
1. For extra cuteness: add hat
2. For toddlers: unfold doubled over fleece (AJ loves his)
3. For baby wearers: cut the hole toward the middle to make a baby poncho, and another one about 5 inches above that for yourself. Brilliant, right?

Thanks, Monica, for passing on some great ideas!


Do you know any simple solutions that have saved you from buying expensive products?