A Moon of Uranus, Evolution and Extra Saliva Lollipops, Wrap-Up WE 4-27-13

A Moon of Uranus, Evolution and Extra Saliva Lollipops

The week started with an out-smart-ass contest between me and a three-year-old, when on Sunday, AJ  alleviated any doubts of his maternity by showcasing his wise-ass tendencies. We had a slight disagreement over the location of his upcoming nap. He wanted to nap in his house. I told him, “Fine, if you can find a bed to sleep in, go ahead and nap in your house.” And, voila…


While he took his “nap”, I helped my husband get 750 pounds of play sand from Lowe’s to our back yard. And when I say ‘helped’, I mean  ‘spread the blanket to protect the trunk and sat in the passenger seat as we drove it home’. I also discovered that when you’re talking play sand, I weigh about 3 sacks, give or take a half’a’sack.


On Monday morning, I made an amazing discovery. Ya know what’s awesome? Coffee with leftover vanilla frosting from the cookies we made for the firemen last week. Hypothetically. Because that’s just gross. Dibs on the new creamer patent.

I hopped on the Monday Listicles bandwagon (courtesy of The good life) with my entry, Top 10 Ways This Mom Spends 30 Minutes…At Least Today… and shared examples such as

3. Locating a fork so that I can eat my lunch after the 3-year-old helped me empty the dishwasher.


9. Lint-rolling the baby in the parking lot before his doctor appointment so that they don’t call Social Services on the suspicion that he’s been living with the black lab in the dog crate since his last visit.

Later, I had a conversation with AJ and the hubby that quickly devolved…

Elmo-YutionAJ: What doing?

Me: I’m wagging my tail

AJ: You no have tail!

Me: I don’t? Where’d it go?

AJ: It gone!

Hubby: Evolution.

AJ: Elmo-yution!

slink in the boxThen, on Tuesday, we were playing with his toy, when…

AJ: Mommy, this is my doggy box.

Me: Yeah! Your doggy jack-in-the-box!

AJ: No, mommy, Jack not in there! Doggy in there.

On Wednesday, I recounted the events of Monday…yes, it takes me two days to write 500 words…with two kids under three, yada yada yada…and published the a post called Eating Crap for a Healthy Immune System. Literally. Part of it is as gross as it sounds. Here are the basics:

Things Your Child Will Eat

On Thursday, I emailed my cousin to wish him a happy birthday. I told him

Happy birthday. May all your wishes and dreams come true. Eventually. But not too soon, because then what will you do with your time…?

Then I joined bloglovin’, and you can follow me by clicking here…

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…and I celebrated with a cone at an awesome local place called the Ice Cream Machine. We spent enough on 2 cones to buy 4 containers of Edie’s at the grocery store, but when I talked to my taste buds later, they reported it was definitely worth it.

veryinspiringblogawardOn Friday, I got a lovely surprise –  dramafreemama bestowed upon me the  “Very Inspiring Blogger Award“, which I then passed on to some nominees of my own. In the course of doing so, I revealed how I am a moon of Uranus (<-true fact) and you can read about it in Oh Crap, I Inspired Someone.

Here are my nominees, check out their pages for some Very Inspiring reads:

Only those accepting their nominations were invited to partake in the eating of Twink-henge…

That night, I went to an adult tupperware party, except there was no tupperware and there were sex toys. In my first “Live Tweet” event since joining Twitter, I shared some of the more memorable quotes of the evening under the hashtag “#18+tupperwareparty”.  Here are some personal favorites, starting with the one about things you suck on before you suck on…the thing…. Pre-Johnson lollipops, folks. Yes, you read that right. Who knew it was even a thing?



And since I really don’t want to try to top Cootchie Cream…how was your week?

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