Top 10 Ways This Mom Spends 30 Minutes…At Least Today…

I’m pretty sure most people are posting about 30 minutes of “free” time, but since I’m not entirely sure what that is, I’m just going to go with 30 minutes of “mom” time.

banana1. Feeding the baby half a banana.

2. Feeding the toddler the other half.

3. Locating a fork so that I can eat my lunch after the 3-year-old helped me empty the dishwasher.

4. Playing trains: 10 minutes to set up, 2 minutes of the trains going round and round, 6 minutes to clean up when he assures me that he’s done, 12 minutes of arguing about setting it back up when he changes his mind.

5. Attempting to get all of the housework done in the toddler’s single allotted episode of Little Einsteins.

6. Twiddling my thumbs while watching the toddler spin the lettuce, when he insists on ‘helping’ me make the salad.

7. Bringing the children on the long trek from the garage into the house without any casualties.

8. Talking the toddler off the ledge and finding an acceptable replacement to his favorite episode when it is no longer available On Demand.

9. Lint-rolling the baby in the parking lot before his doctor appointment so that they don’t call Social Services on the suspicion that he’s been living with the black lab in the dog crate since his last visit.

10. Re-reading this list and deciding if it would be funnier if I included things that didn’t happen already today.


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  1. LOLOLOL…love it. I hated when shows were no longer on demand…I cursed the cable company so often. Letting them help takes so much time…but it’s easier to give in.

    Great list and Happy Monday.

  2. These are great! Really liked #9

    • Thanks! I’ve pretty much stopped dressing him in anything fleece for this very reason. But i may invent a fleece lint roller. Based on his clothes, you wouldn’t find anything more effective 🙂

  3. Um..did you use a banana splicer in that photo? Otherwise I’m thinking it would take me 30 minutes to cut a banana that perfectly!

  4. No trust me, it’s funnier knowing those things happened today!

  5. Omgoodness…too funny about ” 12 minutes of arguing about setting it back up when he changes his mind.” LOL – #9 is hilarious!!! It’s even funnier trying to picture someone actually doing this…

    Happy belated Listicles Monday!

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