Haaaawohhhh! Anybody home? Wrap-Up, WE 4-20-13

oscarThe week started out with a “clang”…of the trash can lid, after AJ (almost 3 years old) opened it up, stuck in his head, and said “Hawohhhh! Anybody home?” Time to cut back on the Sesame Street…

And speaking of odd questions, here’s one I found myself asking that evening: how does the “5 second rule” factor in when you fish a suspected doggy dingleberry out of the baby’s mouth? Follow-up: I know it’s not appropriate to give the baby alcohol, but would Listerine be okay?

And as if that wasn’t enough, in his continuing quest for grossest baby of the week, JC confirmed that it is possible to spit up in your own ear. I learn something new every day…

And then there are the things that I never seem to learn. Here’s a short list representing a minuscule percentage of the possible examples from my life:

10 Mistakes  I Keep Making In My Thirties

Read about how Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures made an offhand comment that brought that list into being here…

Then on Tuesday, I realized I could add one more, when my mom called me at 6:20 this morning to ask if I knew that the toddler had the iPad and was Skyping her. I didn’t.

JC turned 9 months old, and after his weigh-in, I checked the charts and discovered that if he didn’t gain a single ounce for the next six months, he’d still be in the 100th percentile. Then I called the chiropractor.


b&jThat night, I had a good laugh when I noticed some joker at Ben & Jerry’s had it written on the label that there’s 4 servings in one of those itty bitty pints. On a related note, I went to bed that night in a happy, chocolate-and-ice-cream-induced stupor.

Tell me if you’ve this one before: I took the kids to a fire station tour Wednesday. AJ goes up to the intake valve on the pumper truck and yells, “Haaaawohhhh! Anybody home?” I’m starting to notice a pattern. Our budding comedian already has his own tagline.


On Thursday, my kids got mugged. It’s the new craze, didn’t you hear? Thank you, Mommy Shorts, for another bit of incidental brilliance. You have again shown why you are my favorite blogging mom. That’s a subtle (read: blatant) hint that you should go check out her site if you haven’t already.



And before we talk about how karma’s a bitch, and how he’ll get me back for the next picture in his teenage years, let’s talk about how my mom put his pants on backwards this morning, putting the tail…Exactly.

I am a lion

After dinner, I came up with a new potential blog hop idea (thanks for the suggestion, @mamaschmama). Upon completion of a meal spent with a toddler and a 9 month old, I shall present my shirt for inspection. Whoever can identify the most stains wins. No licking – as much as I might like it, I want this to be a challenge.

On Friday, my poop post totally bombed. It’s not that no one liked it (I hope…), just that no one read it. I can’t imagine why…With a title like “My Baby Poops Rainbows. Like A Unicorn.“, wouldn’t you be too fascinated to pass it by? I mean, look at these graphics. Totally appealing, right? Plus, I included at least a dozen “poo-phemisms” for the potty humor loving crowd.  Oh well. I guess that post went down the toilet. A royal flush if I ever saw one.

Poo Chart

And speaking of euphemisms for crap, I updated the look of my page. Did you notice the new categories and headings? No? That’s okay, go look now…

What do you think? I know I missed some, but I’m holding them in reserve. Some possibilities for future consideration: bunk, hooey, horsefeathers, hogwash, malarkey, tommyrot, twaddle…did I miss any? Never really though of how many great words there are for baloney until now.

If you can think of any good ones, share them in the comments below

And on Saturday we took the toddler on an exciting field trip to the local can return machine. Just to make sure we hadn’t missed his new “thing”, he stuck his face in the bottle return hole and yelled “Haaaawohhhh! Anybody home?” bringing us full circle, so that the week ended as it began. What can I say, my kid loves symmetry.


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