10 Mistakes I Keep Making…When Will I Learn?

Ya know that thing where someone makes an offhand comment and you take it as a personal challenge?

So, the other day, I was reading a list called 10 Things I know In My Thirties, and it occurred to me that the author, Robyn at Hollow Tree Ventures, was several steps ahead of me, in that she learned 10 things. Whereas my list would be more like “Mistakes I keep making in my thirties…I should have learned by now…”

So I typed in the Comments, “You’re several steps ahead of me. My list would be…”

You get the idea.

Robyn’s response?

Hey, “mistakes I keep making in my thirties” would be an AWESOME list, and probably much much funnier…

And rather than take that as an acknowledgement of a reply-worthy comment, I decided to be a pain in the ass and make it my goal for the week.

So, here goes – while not “much much funnier” than Robyn’s list, hopefully chuckle-worthy. Here’s a list of mistakes that, by now, I should know well enough to avoid, but somehow find myself repeating, ad infinitum. And though I’d like to blame it on sleep deprivation, I’m truly starting to question my intelligence. For as the great George Carlin once said…

 Think of how stupid the average person is…and realize half of them…are stupider than that!

10 Mistakes  I Keep Making In My Thirties



P.S. Thanks, Robyn, for humoring me and allowing me to quote you to my mom and the other 3 people that will read this!



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  1. Even though my kids would argue this never happens, let the record show – I WAS RIGHT! Your list is hilarious!

    Love the peanut butter painting (so true), and I get left hanging at a one-man dance party almost every day. But #10? Ultimate truth.

    • Luckily, my kids aren’t old enough yet to believe I am wrong by virtue of being their mother. But, hey, something to look forward to! Glad you enjoyed it!

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