Limp Fronds, Nemo Nuggets and Fun Toilets: My Week, Ending 3-30-13

Sunday was a busy day, so not much with the posting. But I did try to fix one of the…fronds?…on the jester cap which had gotten mangled by either the dog or the toddler. Can’t say for sure. I used all of the sewing skills I’ve acquired through the years (none) but the result looked like a perky hat that has one frond suffering from an unfortunate case of ED.


On Monday, AJ (almost 3yo) ran around the kitchen calling the dog a ‘wuss’ repeatedly. Or maybe he was saying “Woof! Woof! Woof!”, but his pronunciation of the letter ‘F’ is still kind of ‘ruf’, so who knows…?

Started counting calories, because between Passover this week, and Easter next week, I’m afraid I’ll be pulling the maternity jeans that I just put in to storage back out, and that’s just not cool.

I celebrated the unseasonable snow-cast with a montage of scarves, which shouldn’t be necessary at this time of year, but were. Fricken’ spring snow…

Passover dinner was quite the event, involving Locusts, Lesbians & Excavators – just your typical traditional Passover…this is me representing the plague of locusts:


bunniesTuesday and Wednesday were spent with my insides recovering from the over-consumption of Matzah, and I pondered the meaning of a sign I had seen recently (pictured right):

What exactly is being advertised here? Every time I pass this sign, I want to call the number and ask them, “So are you looking for Easter Bunnies? Selling? Renting? Are we talking the live kind? Chocolate? People in bunny suits?”

On Thursday, I received a Best Moment Award, thank you Love Protection, and I composed a long, boring acceptance speech in which I recognized the little people, including  the SmurfsTinkerbell, and Dobby the house elf.

Friday, we had fish for dinner. I was worried the toddler wouldn’t eat it again, but I had an idea: if calling chick parmigiana ‘pizza chicken’ got the toddler to eat 2 servings, maybe we could think of a new name for ‘baked haddock. ‘Nemo nuggets‘ seemed wrong…but it worked surprisingly well – he ate his whole piece. Toddlers. Go Figure.

Then, I did what I swore I wouldn’t do. Well, maybe not so much ‘swore’…maybe just ‘figured’…I joined twitter. I can now be ‘followed’ at @TheirWorldWLI (hint, hint) but don’t feel obligated, now. I’ll just keep pestering you about it later anyway…


On Saturday morning, I realized that the problem with coffee is that it doesn’t work until it’s in you. I discovered this when I was just talking to the hubby and reached for the baby bottle instead of the mug and nearly put it in my mouth.

And speaking of dumb crap I’ve done as a result of sleep deprivation, I’ve updated my list of ‘8 Things this Sleep Deprived Mother Has Actually Done‘ with another stellar mommy moment. Now it’s  ‘9 Things…’

Later, I told AJ it was time to get dressed, but this wasn’t exactly what I meant:


And as the day progressed, I realized that Spring had brought with it both joys and massive aggravations, and compiled this list of the Friggin’ Signs of Spring, like dead mice in the AC compressor and asshat neighbors.

And ending the week on a happy note, my blog is now out there for the world to see, more and more each day. For instance, people are now finding me in their Google searches. Using terms like ‘ass.sleep‘ and ‘fun toilet‘. I couldn’t be more proud.

ass sleep


How was your week?


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