The Friggin’ Signs of Spring

You know, I was really looking forward to Spring, after the absurd amount of snow we got this winter.  The return of the sweetly chirping birds, the smell of fresh growth in the air, the warm sun on my skin. Then Spring arrived, and with it came…drum

1. The sound of ridiculously bad music blasting out of my neighbors windows and into mine. Just to give you an idea, think of a guy with a nasty twitch in his leg playing a bass drum in front of a megaphone at random intervals. Got it? Okay, that would be an improvement over what’s coming from next door. Asshats…


2. The smell of about 3 quarts of Nair in the air. Ain’t no razor gonna clean up that mess. Lazy winter = Sasquatch spring…

3. The goddamn ladybugs on every visible surface.Especially the one’s that fly at you in the dark when you get up to take a leak at 3AM. The sound is magnified to helicopter volume when you’re half awake and unable to see them. Incoming!!!

4. The melting dog poops that you missed when they got covered up during the last 12 snowstorms. No pooper scooper on earth is gonna quite capture that sloppy stink of a mess. Get out the hazmat suit and the power washer.

5. The sound of the skittering feet in the AC compressor. Great, now we have the stink of dead mouse to look forward to when it gets hot. What a way to celebrate the new AC we got installed last September and haven’t yet used.

But it’s not all bad. Tomorrow is Easter, and who doesn’t love bunnies!

bunny aj bunnyjc


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  1. I like the way you think!
    Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up

  2. OMG, the hazmat dudes! I identify with that one.

  3. Oh, that skittering sound makes me sick to my stomach! For us it’s squirrels in the attic, and birds in the dryer vents. Oh, and the dog poop land mines too.

  4. I get stink bugs. The cats eat them and then they barf them up. Then they probably eat them again, if I’m not looking.

  5. I love frogs probably a bit more than the next guy but during spring, we get around a zillion of them screaming in our yard all night. I just need for them to keep it down but they don’t seem to understand why I’m yelling at them. They’ll quiet down in a month or so – just in time for the cicada to arrive. yay.

    • I’ve also found the local wildlife strangely unwilling to comply with posted quiet hours. Then again, mostly the wildlife is drowned out by the neighbors, so no biggie.

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