Poison Ivy, Puppy Picnics, Boobies and Bullies: My Week In Review, WE 3/16/13

So let’s recap…

camoSunday, my younger son tried to hide on a green background while wearing green, but didn’t quite get the camo concept.

On Monday, the toddler, who I was sure was going to nap, instead spent the early afternoon setting the record for the most successive rounds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Meanwhile, I didn’t feed the baby fast enough because he attempted to latch on to my “inny” belly-button as I raised my shirt. I accepted my first Liebster Award and posted my response (A Liebster Award! For Me? You Shouldn’t Have. Gimme.), which included such information as where I did and did not get poison ivy that time when I made out with my boyfriend in the woods.


I hold forth as evidence the attached photo of me driving you to preschool in footie jammies on ‘Pajama Day’ as proof that I used to be fun. If that has changed, you know who to blame.

Tuesday brought both highs and lows. Mamapedia.com published my Rhymes With Frogger post. I dropped my toddler off at school for Pajama Day while wearing my adult-sized footie jammies, only to get home and discover I had The Booby Flu (mastitis, for the uninitiated). This was probably a direct result of me having switched from my ugly, shapeless maternity/nursing bra to a lovely…u-plifting… under-wire bra. I suppose I was being smacked down for my pride in my newly returned bosom. How deflating.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty dull, as days tend to be when you are recovering from flu-like symptoms. Lucky for me, my mom kicks ass and took the toddler for 24 hours to let me rest, so all I had to contend with was the baby, who chose the moment after his bath when he was sitting on my lap to take a leak.

And, of course, the post-Mimi-depression toddler meltdown upon his return home. I don’t blame him of course, what would you prefer? Hanging out with 2 grandparents fully focused on your needs, wants, desires and entertainment? Or 2 parents with attention split between you, your brother, the dog and a sore boob? Exactly.

nanandpapaOn Friday, the toddler attempted to picnic with the dog, resulting in the dog getting some extra lunch, and then we got a little serious here as I told a tale of inspiration and strength, How My Grandparents Beat Some of The Worst Bullies In History, and tried to put into words some of my feelings for 2 of my favorite people in the whole world.

And on the seventh day, Saturday, we rested. Sort of. As much as one can rest with an almost-three-year-old and an eight-month-old around.

How was your week?


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