Flossing The Cat

1191446469flossingThe other day when we were shopping, AJ decided he would annoy the crap out of me by asking the same (obvious) question over and over. And over…And over…And over. So after the 40th repetition of “What doing, mama?” “I’m food shopping, AJ,” I finally changed tactics in an effort to cut it short.

AJ: What doing, mama?

Me: I’m walking the dog, AJ.

Silence…then slowly a grin spread across his face…

AJ: Nooooo!

Me: Oh, I’m not?

AJ: Nooooo! You shopping!

Yes! Success! Until a moment later, when I realized my method had backfired.

AJ: (with an evil grin) What doing, mama?

It had instantly become a game, and it was my own fault. I had disregarded the toddler rule of One And  A Million (don’t do anything once that you wouldn’t want to repeat a million times), and now there was hell to pay. So I came up with some replies to keep the little squirt happy. And it definitely kept him occupied for the next 10 minutes while I finished shopping.

But we sure got some strange looks from the other shoppers when I responded to the question ‘what doing, mama?’ with increasingly random and unlikely answers, resulting in the following conversation:

AJ: What doing, mama?

Me: Flossing the cat.

AJ: Nooooooo! What doing, mama?

Me: Counting toothbrush bristles.

AJ: Nooooooo! What doing, mama?

Me: Attending a garage door opening…ironing the carpet…teaching a gopher to yodel…collecting yarn for bald puppets…fluffing my cauliflower…honing my porcupine…molding a yacht out of Cheez Whiz…

It amazed me that this entertained him, considering he had no idea what the hell I was talking about. And in retrospect, I’m probably lucky that no one listening had me arrested for public intoxication.


What is/was your toddler’s favorite method of getting on your nerves?


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  1. Asking where everything except babies come from. How do you explain where wheelbarrows, trees, sand and wind come from to a 2 y.o?

  2. Personally, if it gets more complicated than ‘stores’, ‘the forest’ and ‘the beach’, I’d go for the diversion technique. “Look, a puppy!” Or “Hey, how about some ice cream!” 🙂

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