Dip Dip Flippy Flip! Or, Why Complacency and Toddlers Don’t Mix

It was Friday night. The daddy and I were sitting with baby JC on the couch. AJ, the 2.5 year old, was running back and forth between the kitchen, play room and living room. I was comfy, I was off my feet, and I was suddenly aware that it was too quiet.

Me:AJ… are you in the kitchen?

(No response…)

Me: AJ…what are you doing?

(Still nothing…)

Me: AJ…?

AJ: (from the kitchen) Yah?

Me: What are you doing?

AJ: Dip dip flippy flip!

Me: What?!

AJ: Dip dip flippy flip! Dip dip flippy flip!

Dip dip flippy flip? What the hell does that mean? Is he being attacked by Dr. Seuss? Maybe he got the chips and hummus from the fridge and he’s flinging them across the room…? Dip dip flippy flip?

I looked at my husband, he looked back at me. In a few blinks, we had one of those silent conversations that any parent of a toddler would understand:

*Shrug* (Do you know what he’s talking about?)

*Eyebrows raised* (No clue. You either?)

*Eyeroll* (Oh crap, this can’t be good.)

He gets up to look…

Exasperated Daddy: Aaaaaaaaay Jaaaaaaaaaaaay!

AJ: I sorry, Daddy!

AJ came running into the living room, his father following behind him. The daddy was not pleased. He shared with me his discovery that ‘Dip dip flippy flip!’ translates to ‘using a toy broom and the dog’s water dish to mop about 90% of the kitchen floor’. Who knew? I tell ya, every moment is an adventure when you have an innovative kid… By the way, could someone lend us a ShamWow?


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