InterrobangThis post has nothing to do with anything, so if you’re expecting any kind of something, you’re going to be disappointed. Fair warning.

Came across a new punctuation mark today, the ‘interrobang‘. Well, not new; I just had no idea it existed. And while it may sound like a deviant sexual practice worthy of Fifty Shades of Grey, and looks like what a typewriter does when the keys get stuck, it may actually be pretty useful. If you think of a comma as a pause, a period as a stop and a question mark as a ‘huh?’, I guess you could say this is the ‘WTF’ of punctuation.

Why did no one tell me about this‽ I’ve been using a series of “!”s and “?”s to convey my exclamatory questions. Now that I know the interrobang exists, I want to use it all the time.

It’s a perfect punctuation mark for blogging about a toddler because…how to best explain…let’s just say that if it were a facial expression, it’s the one I’d be wearing after about 60% of my parent-toddler interactions. Maybe I should just have it printed on a hat.

“You put WHAT in your WHAT‽”
Where are you clothes‽”
“You told your brother to do WHAT‽”
“How did you get up THERE‽”
“You fed WHAT to the dog‽”

I could go on like that all day…which is probably a better option than sticking around to hear the answer to any one of those questions, at least when it comes to keeping my cool. And my sanity.

So, yeah, there’s plenty of opportunity here for use, but are people going to be like, “What in the ding-dong-heck-a-ma-doodle is that there thing?” Not a reflection on anyone’s intelligence; up until now, that certainly would have been my reaction. I mean, it’s obscure enough that even spell-check doesn’t think it’s word.


Or maybe I’m the one that’s been ignorant all these years, and everyone else learned about it in third grade? WTF‽


From (


So tell me, have you seen the interrobang around?


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