How’s Larry?

imageMy phone rings.

Me: Hi Mom.
Mom: Hi. What was the name of that website you were telling me about?
Me: The website?
Mom: Oh, forget it, I just remembered. Okay. That was it.
Me: Okay. Why’d you want to know?
Mom: I’m talking to Larry and I wanted to tell him.
Me: Oh…Okay…Bye.

20 minutes later I call her back…

Me: Are you still talking to Larry?
Mom: Yes.
Me: Oh, okay. Call me back when you’re done.

20 minutes later she calls back.

Me: Hi.
Mom: What’s up?
Me: Are you done talking to Larry?
Mom: Yes. Why?


Posted on January 18, 2013, in Family, Humor. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. LOL! Who was Larry??? Larry from Three’s Company? Because then she should have hung up right away, and what website would he want anyway? Not any your mom should be on.

    • If you can follow this, Larry is my mother’s cousin’s husband’s sister’s husband. Which makes Larry and Barry brothers-in-law. Larry and his wife were my parents’ house guests for the weekend.

  2. I love random conversations… they’re fun. Thanks for hooking up!

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