The Flying Falcon

No idea who this chick is. From the ad. But she sure looks happy toting that thing around...

No idea who this chick is. From the ad. But she sure looks happy toting that thing around…

The Flying Falcon is flippin’ awesome. Don’t try to use it in place of a baby wrap or carrier. That’s not the point; I really wouldn’t attempt to use this device for baby-wearing. However, if you have a heavy baby (I do) and your garage is in the basement (it is) and you regularly have to carry the car seat up stairs or through a parking lot or into people’s houses, this thing ROCKS!

Also great for:
– Simultaneously carrying baby and holding a toddler’s hand for short distances
– Preventing bruises on your arm, and hence strange stares from people who then see your bare arms
– Carrying coffee and baby at the same time without exposing one to the other
– Carrying baby while hitching up jeans that are (finally!) starting too be big for your post maternity figure
– Scaring the crap out of people when you quickly let go of the seat, hold out your arms and say, “Look ma! No hands!” (<—don’t do this…too often)
– According to the image, talking on the phone, which if you’re asking me, any REAL parent would have mastered without this device. The marketing team on this thing could have done better. How about a picture of a mom wearing this thing and holding the hand of a toddler with one hand, a hot coffee with the other, talking on a bluetooth headset while climbing the stairs.

I love mine, and no, I don’t work for or know anyone at Flying Falcon.


Do you know any great products that more moms should know about?


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  1. Hahaha! This made me laugh! Love the humor you interject! Thanks so much for sharing with the Tuesday Baby Link Up Community!

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