And speaking of the flu…

imageRemember about three years ago when everyone started FREAKING OUT about the swine flu? It was during my first trimester of my first pregnancy. There was no vaccine yet, and all people could talk about was how bad it was, especially for the immune compromised, which I learned includes pregnant people. Of course, as a first time preggo, even before the scare I wouldn’t go near someone who so much as sneezed. With the first pregnancy, it seems everything is magnified. Emotions, fears, stomach… And in this case, the media had EVERYONE terrified of this new form of the flu. So imagine what it was like when you are in the first trimester, the trimester that carries the greatest risk of miscarriage, with an immune system that wasn’t at its best and media hype about an epidemic that was being spread at the workplace.

I didn’t want to get in elevators or anywhere where people shared too much air. I didn’t want to touch co-workers’ computers, which was really tough, as I was a PC tech at the time. It was so bad that I was ready to take a hiatus from the workplace until the vaccine came out, which was impractical and unrealistic. So unsure of my options and terrified, I went to the head of HR and told him my dilemma.

He gave me a 6-pack of Purell and wished me luck.


What kind of helpful advice did you get when you were pregnant?


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