Bundle This

This is simple and brilliant and falls in the category of “duh, why didn’t I think of that” as well as under the heading of ” how to not spend $25-$45 on something that could have just cost you about $6.”

imageJC (5 months) had a J.J. Cole Bundle Me in his carseat (if you aren’t a parent, or live in a warm climate, think sherpa sleeping bag for a carseat). Since he is a supersized baby (100th percentile in weight, 98th in height, about the size of your average 12-18 month old) I could no longer squeeze his adorable chubby arms through the straps with this thing installed. Why not use a blanket, you ask? He kicks them off or pushes it down with his hands. A jacket? There’s the whole compression safety issue, not to mention the PITA of taking it off and putting it on with every location change, which can be frequent when traveling with two kids. I got this solution from a member of my local MOMs Club who got it from the Boston Babywearers.

Step 1: Go to fabric store and buy a yard of fleece. ($6-7)
Step 2: Fold in half. Cut a 6-inch hole in fleece.
Step 3: Insert baby’s head in fleece.
Step 4: Take pictures of cozy happy baby and send to friends and relatives. Send me a copy of photo or post here.

Additional tips:
1. For extra cuteness: add hat
2. For toddlers: unfold doubled over fleece (AJ loves his)
3. For baby wearers: cut the hole toward the middle to make a baby poncho, and another one about 5 inches above that for yourself. Brilliant, right?

Thanks, Monica, for passing on some great ideas!


Do you know any simple solutions that have saved you from buying expensive products?


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  1. Thanks for linking up to my Tutorial Tuesday Blog Hop. Love this idea! I might have to try it myself! Pinning it to Pinterest as well.

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