Like Nails On A…

imageToday I got my Mommy Necklace in the mail. I want to share this because until 3 days ago, I wasn’t aware of their existence, and they are a great solution to a…delicate…problem. So, say you have a baby. And let’s say you are that baby’s food source. And just to make it interesting, let’s say that the baby has a pincer grip of death, lethal finger nails that you can never seem to cut short enough or file blunt enough, and a scream of frustration that can pierce an eardrum at 500 feet. Suppose that baby likes to use the first two while eating, and he likes to use them on the aforementioned food source. And when thwarted, he likes to use the banshee shriek of doom to lower your resistance. Ouch, right? In so many ways. And I have the cuts, bruises, and deafness in one ear to prove it.

This is where the Mommy Necklace comes in. Hopefully little mister Pinchy McScratchums will latch his adorably pudgy but talon-tipped digits on the necklace while he latches elsewhere with Hoover-strength lips a-pucker.

We are one feeding in, and so far the necklace, especially the round donut piece, has worked like (ha ha) a charm. In the picture, we are stress-testing the purported strength of the string when pulled by Bam Bam-like force. No problem. I found this one here, but there are lots of places to buy them if you don’t like this one:

I’d like to thank the moms of for turning me on to this great product and saving my sanity. And my boobs.


Have you gotten any great advice from other moms about useful products or gadgets?


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  1. I’ve got a nursing necklace too, and I couldn’t do without it. My 11 month old baby girl has to constantly grab at whatever she can get her hands on while she nurses, and the necklace helps tremendously.

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up!

    • He’s finally outgrown the need for it, thankfully, but now i have trouble getting him to nurse without being distracted by pretty much anything…so…two steps forward, y’know?. But we’ll get past this, too. 🙂

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