Let’s Get This Party Started

DuckyhousesLast night, per AJ’s request,  we had a “dance party”. A “dance party” commences as follows: participants must first adorn themselves with hats. Hat choices include fireman helmet, football helmet, batting helmet, belled jester’s cap, construction helmet, knight’s helm or bunny ears.  Once properly attired, we then proceed to music selection. This consists of me turning on the CD player and skipping to song number 9, Monster in the Mirror, aka the Wubba Wubba Song. At this point, I begin to dance, JC smiles at me with his mouth wide open and starts jumping up and down in his doorway jumper like a crazed frog on speed, Hubby turns on a DVRd episode of This Old House in the next room, and AJ shakes his booty for 3 seconds before losing interest and going to build ducky houses with Magnatiles. So there I am, shimmying to the melodious croonings of Grover, in my pajamas and purple and green belled jester’s cap…alone…And while I am grateful that we are the last house on a dead end street, I really need to learn to close the blinds first.


What kind of craziness does your toddler involve you in?


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