It’s a Hat!

I took A for a haircut today. He wasn’t thrilled to be there, so I distracted him with a game of “It’s  a Hat!” (I put his foot, a mitten, a sticker, etc. on my head and say “It’s a hat!” And he yells, “Noooooooo! It’s a [shoe, mitten, sticker, etc.]” I express dismay and apologize, then we move on to the next item.) The stylist, after being subjected to this and other routines, asked if i am a preschool teacher. “Oh, god no.” I don’t have the patience needed for that. “I just have the mentality of a two year old, so it all works out.”

By the way, the stylist was wonderful – Jennie at Creative Textures. She took me – a new customer – with an hour’s notice, charged $10, and gave him the best haircut he’s ever gotten. She’s there Wednesday’s and Thursdays. Bye bye Kingdom Cuts and Snippets! (Thanks for the recommendation, Sandy!)


Have you ever gotten complimented for your goofiness?


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